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Many of us enjoyed having Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Spot-On, Yesteryear and Britains Toys when we were kids. So much so that we never considered that future collectors would want us to keep them in boxes in a bank vault so that they would remain 'Mint/Boxed' when we had grown out of them!

The truth of the matter is that the 'played-with' toys are the ones with history. It is these toys which gave so much enjoyment. It is these which Aaron Die-Cast Recoveries is concerned about.

It all began with Alan Rowntree scouring shops, auctions and toy fairs for those Dinkies which nobody wanted. Toys which were so 'played-with' that the collectors did not value them.

Copyright: Alan Rowntree
Copyright: Alan Rowntree

SPARES & ACCESSORIES - Over 7000 items

Many Dinkys, Corgis, Matchbox, Spot-On, Yesteryear and Britains models need spare/replacement parts.

We can obtain and supply over 7000 parts, all new yet authentic in manufacture:

Tires (Tyres) from £2.80 a set of 4
Transfers (Decals) from £4.00 a set
Reproduction Boxes
Die-Cast Headlamps, Bumpers, Grilles, Wheels, Chassis, Propellers, Doors, Hood (Bonnet) Lids, Seats,
Exhaust Pipes etc Trunk (Boot) Lids, Canopies,
Plastic Screens, Windows etc
Gun Turrets, Aerials, Drivers, Bombs etc etc etc

(On all orders over £12.00 sterling)

Copyright: Aaron DieCast Recoveries


Die-Cast 'wrecks' range between the 'slightly chipped' right through to 'badly crushed'.

But these toys were so well made that, apart from those suffering chemical metal corrosion, a remarkable number can be 'brought back to life'.

We concentrate on Dinkies, Corgis, Matchbox, Spot-On, Yesteryear and Britains, particularly pre-WW2, and you can see from the pictures here what can be done.

We attach a value to any 'played-with' Die-Cast toy, and have a continued mission to bring as many as possible back to life for the enjoyment of everyone.

Copyright: Aaron DieCast Recoveries Copyright: Aaron DieCast Recoveries


PLEASE NOTE: Due to demand, our restoration estimation service is loaded with a lead-time of over 12 weeks. Apologies.

Here is an example of a Dinky Dodge flatbed lorry which clearly had come to the end of its 'useful' life as a toy. It was discovered during excavations for a house extension. Despite all of the damage, with careful restoration, it was possible to get this model looking as good as it did when it first left the factory over 50 years ago.

With the huge array of spare parts at our disposal, we can arrange for skillful restoration of most DieCast models. The price starts at £18.00 ($26.00) plus parts, transfers(decals) etc.

Please describe your model by email, and if we think we can help, we'll ask you to send it to us to give you an estimate. You'll be asked to send us the cost of return Postage, Handling, Packing & Insurance at cost whether or not you decide to proceed with the restoration.

Good News! - We are able to arrange for your restorations to be carried out by accredited restorers. Please EMAIL us with your requirements, and we will arrange for an estimate to be obtained.

Example 1: 158 Riley Saloon

Repaint in original colours - £20.00
Four New Tyres - £2.80
Two Replacement Headlamps - £1.98
TOTAL COST ONLY £24.78 plus P&P

Example 2: 923 Bedford Van

Repaint in original colours - £30.00
Five New Tyres - £4.00
Decals - £7.38
TOTAL COST ONLY £41.38 plus P&P

Plus (if required)
2 Rear Doors - £6.76
2 Door Pins - £1.40

Copyright: Alan Rowntree

Copyright: Alan Rowntree

Copyright: Alan Rowntree


We know that there are thousands of Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Spot-On, Yesteryear and Britains Toys which are so 'played-with' that they are hidden away in cupboards, attics and boxes.

Nobody ever sees them or plays with them because they are not sufficiently 'presentable' for a collector, and neither are they used as toys because of the fear of future damage.

It is our view that if a diecast model is too damaged to be proud of, it is worth making some effort to do something about it.

Why not try it? If you have any models in this condition, why not use the resources we can provide to bring it back to life?

Copyright: Alan Rowntree Copyright: Alan Rowntree


All of our effort would be pointless if those Die-Cast Toys which had been 'recovered' were not available to those who enjoy them.

There is a view that 'Mint-boxed' condition is essential to a collector. However, there are an increasing number of collectors who value individual Toys for the enjoyment they have given over the years to young and old alike.

'Recovered' Toys LOOK LIKE THE ORIGINALS - same smart colours, new tyres etc - and they have the unique attraction that they have been rewarded for their history of giving enjoyment. We can even supply the age-related box for many models!

Copyright: Aaron DieCast Recoveries Copyright: Aaron DieCast Recoveries


Please note that communication with us can only be done via EMAIL (If you are asking a question which could be of interest to others, please let us know in the email - and we will publish it on the Q&A page for you). We are not able to handle personal callers or phonecalls much as we enjoy a good 'chinwag' about our favourite subject! Thanks
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